What is the Rapid SalonGrowth (RSG) Program?


The RSG program is designed to get serious cash into your business and fast!

It is a program created to make you money and fill your books by bringing in new clients with an irresistible offer! We drive the sales and marketing of the offer and all you need to do is deliver incredible services for your clients!

Our offers have been tried and tested for hundreds of salons, so we know our model works. Our RSG program helps to grow your customer base, delivers quick money, and we’ll do all the work for you.

So How Does it Work?


In the Rapid SalonGrowth program, our marketing team will build a personalised marketing campaign for your business.

Cash Flow

No need to worry about no-shows or cancellations, we take payment over the phone for you!


This campaign will drive an irresistible offer to your target market, generating a significant amount of leads in just 21 days.


Best of all, we only charge you money if and when we make you money. No result… no payment!


You'll then have the option of booking in these leads yourself, or using our expert sales team to sell your offer for you.


Gain around 100-300 qualified leads in 21 days and allow our sales team to create income for you in over the phone bookings.


The Full Potential

We’ve helped hundreds of business owners in the hair and beauty industry over the years to reach not only the full potential of their business but the full potential of their goals, achieve their dreams and live the life they put so much hard work in to achieving.

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