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There’s a way to have a professional sales team who can make calls on YOUR behalf and sell YOUR products, packages and services, whilst you focused on the other areas of your business.

A team ready to nurture your leads and make sales without you having to pay for a salesperson or rely on your internal team to sell.


Salons Helped


Sales Made


Revenue Created

Landing Page

We'll build a customised, on-brand landing page for your leads to land on.

Sales Funnel

Our sales funnels have a proven track record of consistent conversions.

Email & SMS Marketing

Professional and effective Email and SMS marketing campaigns.

Ad Campaign + SMS Blast

Our experts will market directly to and expand your existing databases.

Payment Management

We manage all payments and send your profits directly to your account.

Sales Calls

Professional sales team that calls on your behalf selling your services.

Let’s Break it Down Further..

What is the 6 Week Challenge Program?

The 6 Week Challenge is an all-inclusive program designed to build your business, make money, and turn customers into long term clients!


We drive the sales and marketing for your business, so that you have more time to do what you do best – deliver incredible services for your clients.


Being experts in the industry means that we know your language, we know what you do and we can maximise your returns, because we know what your business needs and what your clients want.

How does the 6 Week Challenge Work?

Firstly, our marketing team will develop a marketing campaign for your business to drive leads. After the marketing campaign is live, our sales team will follow up and nurture your leads and sell your 6 Week Challenge for you over the phone. No need to worry about no-shows, cancellations, or having to do the sales yourself.


Oh, and did I mention that we only charge you if and when you make money?


No clients… no payment!

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