Web Development

Web Development

Every business is leaving money on the table if they don’t have a website, the expectation is that someone can find your business in a matter of seconds online, if they can’t you might as well not exist.

Are Website’s Still relevant? 

Of course! The largest brands in the world still use websites because they work, however peoples attention spans are shorter than ever, so if you’ve had a website before and it wasn’t doing anything for you, then chances are it either had poor information.

Poor design, or a slow load time, basically it either didn’t give people what they wanted or it was too frustrating to stick around to find out what you had to say.

We create websites for the now

At Rickman Media we think it’s pretty safe to assume that because 80-90% of all web browsing is done on mobile across the globe it just makes sense to create a fantastic mobile first experience, websites that fall between the cracks are made by people who are stuck in last decade.

It’s about getting people the information they want in as few clicks as possible, reducing friction and creating a truly immersive experience.