The brain of our magnum opus, is strategy. We know that consumer behaviour and data driven analysis is one of the best ways to understand your consumers better than they understand themselves.


Wouldn’t it be great to know what marketing your customers respond best to? Wouldn’t it be amazing to overcome any objection as people are coming up with them?

How would it feel to know exactly what you need to do so that your customers are spending more with you on each visit and referring more people your way? 

Give your customers what they want

We never assume what people want, we ask, we listen, we take action.

But how do you know people are being honest? What do you do once you have the information? How do you implement it? 

At Rickman Media we create insights using client avatars, tracking software, surveys and multiple other touch points that give us a deep understanding of the people who regularly engage with your business, we create offers that will attract more of the same type of customers you already have.

Growth and Scalability

We use world class tools and software that allow you to track your numbers and predictably run R.O.I positive and grow your database of leads at the same time, we use high level planning that can overhaul a low level marketing campaign into a machine that can bring in business 24/7 day in, day out.

What impact would it have if you could harness systems to predictably forecast income? To automate the follow up process? What are you doing to make sure customers come back again and again and become die hard fans of your business?

Would you be able to hire more staff? Expand locations? Invest in the best quality equipment? Invest in more training? Free up your time? Go on more holidays? 

We have had people just like you, with the same skills, in the same industry turn around failing businesses and achieve all the things I just mentioned and more, imagine what we can do for you.