SEO has changed a lot over the years, if you want to get in the top 10 results on Google there are plenty of best practices we need to be mindful of.

We create content for people, not search engines

And that’s exactly what Google wants to see, with their recent Bert update and AI integrations it’s only going to get harder to game the system, so don’t try to do that, instead provide genuinely in depth and helpful content that’s designed in a way that answer’s someones search query.

Less is more, but more is more

When it comes to SEO it should really be part of your long term strategy, so don’t over complicate it, remember you’re speaking to people, not googles spiders that crawl websites, they aren’t rudimentary anymore… they are sophisticated programs created by the world’s best and brightest and they care about searcher intent.

They track everything, if your website loads quickly, is it mobile responsive, do people stay on your site for a long time or do they leave immediately?

Is the writing, videos and other content engaging? 

Google takes into consideration over 200 metrics to decide what website to show in the number 1 position, doesn’t it make sense to remove the guesswork and work with a team of people that understand and know what needs to be put in place so that you can get the leads and customers who are looking for your exact service?