Landing Pages

Landing Pages

Landing pages are designed to do one thing, trade an offer for someones contact information.

Why Landing Pages?

Landing pages are used for a range of reasons, common uses are exchanging an email address for a free ebook or guide.

Or a, “free,” plus shipping offer, or for someones contact information so you can send a coupon to redeem.

It gives you a way to collect customer information that you can use later on for marketing campaigns and keep the conversation going between visits to entice them to come back again and again.

What’s on a landing page?

Generally it’s a mixture of a few things, but really they are designed to do one thing, create belief.

People want to buy things, but we are so bombarded but cheap marketing and clickbait that people are more and more skeptical of what is on offer, we create a sense of urgency with limited time offers, we use testimonials because that boosts belief, we overcome common objections and we show the benefits of what happens when people choose to go with you.

Why not use a web page?

Well web pages generally have more going on, landing pages have a single focus without any other distractions so its clear what action someone has to take.

Landing pages are only part of the equation but they are one of the most important in helping deliver high quality marketing and advertising campaigns.