Bots vary wildly depending on what you want, they can allow for 24/7 customer responses, you can program them to feature your location, answer FAQ or take a lead down through a sales funnel

Messenger Bots

If you are finding that you are constantly having the same conversations with people online you can streamline that through the use of bots.

You can program them to answer FAQ’s, feature products, videos, services and heaps more, really you’re only limited by your imagination.

Can they replace customer service?

Not exactly, there isn’t a real substitute yet for human interactions, bots are however a great tool you can utilise to streamline your sales processes and allow you to talk to tens, hundreds or thousands of people at the same time.

Bot’s give you leverage.

They’re just a different animal entirely, a well structured bot can really add to the overall customer experience, you can use them for follow ups, attracting new leads, create more bookings and heaps more.

How do you get started with bots?

Fill out the form below as an enquiry and we will follow up with you with some information on how to get started.