When it comes to advertising, it’s just as much about testing as it is about coming up with something that grabs peoples attention. The best campaigns are the ones that have been refined over time.

Advertising is meant to do one thing

Grab attention and entice someone to take an action, the scope of what that looks like can vary wildly and has over the years from display ads, classifieds, direct mail, radio, tv, billboards ect. 

Now that we are in a digital age it just makes sense to get your message out online, it’s more cost effective, you can track how many people interact with your marketing and what the conversion rates are.

The copy and media used is the variable

So what works when it comes to advertising? Well that depends on what you want to achieve, different people respond to messaging differently.

The secret is volume, doesn’t it make sense that the more ads you put out the more data you can collect? The better insights you can get that let you incrementally improve… eventually you’ll be left with an ad campaign that is head and shoulders above your competition.

Be different

People make snap judgements, if they feel that they’ve seen a similar ad to your’s it wont work as well because people already think they know what its about and it will get lost in the crowd of businesses being the same, with the same message, the same offer… when it comes to grabbing attention be willing to stand out because that’s how you go from boring to brilliant.